Sell Tether BEP20 (USDT) to SEPA euro card

Sell Tether BEP20 (USDT) to SEPA euro card

The most common way to sell Tether BEP20 (USDT) to SEPA euro card is through cooperation with cryptocurrency exchanges and electronic exchangers. These sites constantly compete in currency exchange, but exchange services still win in terms of the number of advantages and are in greater demand.

Why exchangers are more often trusted to exchange currencies

First, we note that working with exchange services is completely safe if you select them not through a search engine but on a specialized monitoring portal, particularly BestChange. The site contains profitable Tether exchange sites that have repeatedly proven their reliability and concluded safe client transactions. Each service has tens, hundreds, and even thousands of positive reviews, thanks to which it is possible to eliminate the slightest doubt about the correctness of the choice. Plus, exchangers have several other important advantages:

  • favorable exchange rates;
  • commissions available to clients;
  • eliminating the involvement of intermediaries in exchange operations;
  • no need for mandatory registration and verification;
  • the ability to exchange small and large amounts;
  • large reserves of currency, indicating readiness to conclude a transaction of interest to the client at any time;
  • quick currency exchange – often, it takes no more than an hour.

Regarding cryptocurrency exchanges. Many sites offer clients the service of direct withdrawal of assets to a bank card. But in such a situation, third-party services conduct transactions that exchange digital coins for fiat money. Consequently, the withdrawal fee doubles and can reach 4-5%. These are completely unfavorable conditions. In addition, crediting euro to a bank card does not always go as quickly as the user would like. The process may take 3-5 days. Plus, if you are not a client of a specific crypto exchange, you will need to register and go through the verification procedure to conduct a financial transaction through it, spending additional time.

Now it’s clear why the services of exchangers are used more often. And this choice is completely justified. Without a doubt, withdrawing Tether to a bank card in euro in this way will be much faster, more profitable, and easier.

How to choose the right offer

There are no problems with selecting suitable transaction terms. When studying the offers for withdrawing Tether USDT stablecoin in BEP-20 network to SEPA, pay attention to:

  • exchange rate;
  • possibility to fix the rate upon application. Some services are ready to freeze the price for 20 minutes or under other conditions;
  • reserve of euro. Shows how much a specific exchange service can issue;
  • restrictions on convertible amounts. They indicate how much Tether you can exchange in one transaction for euro with credit to your Single Euro Payments Area Transfers.

The commission is often included in the rate at which the exchange service converts the currency.

When you have determined the optimal offer, all that remains is to go to the website of a suitable exchanger and conclude a deal. But first, be sure to read the rules of a particular service. Here are important points to observe which will help you conduct a quick and smooth currency exchange.

How to make a deal with an exchanger

After reading the rules, you should fill out an application. It is offered in a standard form and differs little between exchange services. You will be asked to indicate:

  • how much Tether you plan to exchange for euro;
  • your last name, first name, patronymic;
  • Contact details.

Next, all that remains is to pay for the application, observing the deadline noted in the rules. Do not violate it so that the deal is not canceled. Also, transfer exactly the amount of Tether that you indicated in the form. Then, the exchange will be successful without any hitches, and shortly, your bank card will be replenished with the equivalent in euro.