Ted Parker Obituary Lumberton NC: Celebrating a Community Legacy


ted parker obituary lumberton nc

Introduction : ted parker obituary lumberton nc

Ted Parker was a notable figure in Lumberton, North Carolina, cherished for his commitments to the local area and his effective undertakings. Tragically, Ted died on January 9, 2024, abandoning a heritage that many will recollect into the indefinite future. In this blog entry, we will investigate his life, the effect he had on Lumberton, and how he is recollected through his tribute. We mean to give a complete perspective on his all consuming purpose and the opening left by his nonattendance locally.

Remembering Ted Parker: A Pillar of Lumberton, NC

Ted Parker was something other than an entrepreneur; he was a foundation of the Lumberton people group. Brought into the world on January 6, 1953, in Robeson Region, Ted experienced childhood in the space he would later serve. His initial life was set apart by a profound association with his old neighborhood, which powered his longing to contribute decidedly to its development. Subsequent to finishing his schooling in nearby schools, Ted wandered into business, at last securing himself as an unmistakable business person.

In the last part of the 1970s, Ted established Ted Parker Home Deals, a business that would become inseparable from trailer deals across North Carolina. His methodology wasn’t just about selling homes however giving reasonable lodging arrangements that helped various families. The progress of his business likewise carried positions to Lumberton, assisting with helping the nearby economy.

Ted’s presence was felt in business as well as in his various appearances in nearby media. During the 1980s and 1990s, he turned into a natural face through his TV ads, which were both vital and powerful in marking his business inside and past Lumberton. These promotions frequently incorporated Ted’s expression, “Come on down and see me,” which resounded with watchers and turned into a piece of his public persona.

The Legacy of Ted Parker in Business and Community

Ted Parker’s effect on Lumberton stretched out a long ways past his business. He was profoundly associated with different local area drives and good cause, frequently utilizing his assets to help neighborhood occasions and pledge drives. Ted accepted that rewarding the local area was an obligation as well as an honor. His altruistic endeavors were especially centered around training and medical care, where he often supported grants and gave to nearby clinics.

Under Ted’s initiative, Ted Parker Home Deals turned out to be in excess of an organization; it was a local area accomplice. He guaranteed that his strategic policies upheld neighborhood providers and project workers, further assisting with invigorating the nearby economy. His obligation to local area support and monetary development made him a regarded figure in both the business and general local area.

Ted’s commitments to Lumberton’s way of life were huge. He was known for his liberality and his capacity to associate with individuals from varying backgrounds. His appeal and veritable interest in the prosperity of his kinsmen made him numerous companions and admirers. Indeed, even today, numerous Lumberton inhabitants recall Ted for his comforting grin and kind nature.

Ted Parker’s Contributions to Lumberton’s Local Culture

Ted Parker was a business head honcho as well as a social symbol in Lumberton. His extraordinary energy for drawing in with general society through his vital TV ads made him an easily recognized name. These plugs displayed his business as well as his character, making him a dearest neighborhood VIP. His practical methodology and snappy expressions assisted manufacture a unique interaction with watchers, improving his standing as a cordial and receptive financial specialist.

Past his advertisements, Ted effectively partook in neighborhood comprehensive developments, frequently supporting processions, celebrations, and local meetings. His excitement for these occasions was infectious, empowering greater local area association and pride. Ted’s impact reached out to empowering human expression and culture scene in Lumberton, supporting neighborhood specialists and artists whenever the situation allows.

His passing left a substantial void locally, in the domain of business as well as in the social texture of the town. His commitments are as yet recollected affectionately by the people who knew him and even by the individuals who just knew about him through his public persona.

The Obituary of Ted Parker: Key Details

Ted Parker’s eulogy was distributed soon after his passing, offering a serious reflection on his life and the significant effect he had on Lumberton. The eulogy showed up in a few nearby papers and online stages, guaranteeing that the local area and the people who had moved away yet at the same time held Lumberton dear could find out about his life and heritage.

The eulogy featured his introduction to the world in Robeson Province, his enterprising soul, and his devotion to the local area through different humanitarian endeavors. It additionally point by point his caring family, survivors including his significant other, kids, and various grandkids, every one of whom he revered profoundly. Ted Parker was portrayed as a visionary chief whose nonattendance would be profoundly felt by all who knew him.

His family mentioned that rather than blossoms, gifts be made to a grant store laid out in his name, which expects to help nearby understudies seeking after vocations in business and business venture. This signal mirrors Ted’s deep rooted obligation to schooling and his faith in offering others the chance to succeed.

How to Access Ted Parker’s Obituary and Memorial Information

For those wishing to peruse Ted Parker’s full eulogy or partake in commemoration exercises, a few choices are accessible. The tribute can be gotten to through significant neighborhood paper sites, which have distributed it both on paper and on the web. Furthermore, Ted’s family has set up a committed page on a well known remembrance site, where companions, colleagues, and admirers can leave messages of sympathy, share recollections, and read about the subtleties of impending commemoration administrations.

Subtleties of the dedication administration are likewise shared on this page. The help is booked to occur at a nearby church in Lumberton, with the date and time reported to give individuals sufficient opportunity to make game plans to join in. For those unfit to go to face to face, a live stream connection will be given, guaranteeing that every individual who needs to can partake in observing Ted Parker’s life.

Besides, the grant store set up in Ted’s name gives a continuous open door to local area individuals to add to a reason vital to Ted, supporting people in the future in their instructive and pioneering tries. Data on the most proficient method to give to this asset is likewise accessible through the remembrance site and has been shared by neighborhood media. ” ted parker obituary lumberton nc “


Ted Parker’s life was a guide of enterprising soul and local area administration in Lumberton, NC. His inheritance stretches out past his business accomplishments, contacting parts of local area prosperity, social improvement, and altruism. As we recall Ted, we are helped to remember the effect one individual can have on the existences of many. His vision and commitment have made a permanent imprint on Lumberton, moving current and people in the future to seek after significance with generosity and local area soul at the front.

Ted’s memory will keep on living on not just through the narratives shared by the people who knew him yet additionally through the grant store laid out in his honor. This asset will guarantee that his obligation to encouraging ability and supporting schooling stays an essential piece of the local area. Ted Parker was genuinely a mainstay of Lumberton, and his nonappearance is felt profoundly by all who had the joy of knowing him.